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Our cutting-edge technology ensures excellent air circulation, allowing fresh air to flow through and prevent heat buildup. By promoting breathability, our fabric helps regulate temperature, keeping your baby cool and cozy in any climate.

Built for your baby

Crafted with utmost care and consideration for your little one, the Their Baby Blanket is designed to repel dirt, viruses, and bacteria, preventing them from permeating the material & allowing for easy removal through simple washing.


A revolutionary baby blanket

waterless creation, microplastic-free. Wrap your little one in pure comfort, guilt-free


Redefining eco-friendly snuggles

What makes us so different?

Fully recyclable

The first truly fully recyclable baby blanket in the world. We take pride in being the pioneers of eco-consciousness, offering a blanket that not only embraces your baby in exceptional comfort but also cares for the environment. What sets us apart is our commitment to a circular approach, once you're done with the blanket, we invite you to return it to us. Through our unique process we will transform the blanket back into another beautiful, sustainable blanket.

Zero Microplastics & Water

At the forefront of sustainability, we address key environmental issues. Our garments eliminate microplastic pollution through NYLSTAR's Hydrogen Technologies, ensuring protection for people and the environment. Additionally, our water-saving initiatives save thousands of millions of liters of water compared to standard cotton fiber production. To put it into perspective, these water savings could replenish the Aral Sea in just 45 years.

Built for your baby

Allow your baby to experience the epitome of eco-friendliness & comfort with our baby blanket. We have meticulously developed the blanket to meet the needs of both parents and babies. Our commitment to sustainability is matched by our dedication to ensuring optimal comfort for your little one. Join us in embracing a blanket that combines eco-consciousness, parental satisfaction, and baby's well-being in one perfect package. Order yours now and give your baby the best.

Everything you need to know

Frequently asked questions

What makes the Their Baby blanket unique?

The Their Baby blanket is unique and environmentally friendly because it is fully recyclable and designed with comfort, quality, protection, and the environment in mind. It offers a sustainable option for keeping your baby cozy and safe.

Can the blanket be used throughout the year, including during colder months?

Yes, the Their Baby blanket is designed for year-round use, including those cooler Winter months. Its lightweight and breathable fabric provides comfort without overheating.

How is the Their Baby blanket manufactured to minimize its impact on the environment?

Their Baby blanket is manufactured using a pioneering process called Nylstar’s technology that uses hydrogen bondings and aims to minimise the impact on the environment. Special technology is employed to ensure minimal water consumption and the absence of chemicals. This process also prevents the release of microfibers.

How does purchasing a blanket contribute to a charitable cause?

When you purchase our sustainable and fully-recyclable blanket, we pledge to donate one pound to Borne, a charity dedicated to funding groundbreaking research in pregnancy and childbirth. Your purchase helps advance knowledge in this field and improve the lives of mothers and their babies.

What color & size options are available for the Their Baby blanket?

Currently the Their Baby blanket only comes in a plush ivory colour with a simple yet practical design. This neutral color and design make it a perfect complement to any home or nursery. More colours and sizes will follow soon!

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"Their Future has truly redefined baby blankets, delivering not only premium comfort but also environmental responsibility."

- Ellie Thompson, Editor at My Baba

"We had one happy boy when he woke up from his nap with his new blanket! Alfie's new blanket from Their Future is the softest thing ever!"

- Sam Hodson (


"I love how soft the blanket is & it really does feel like great quality! The branding & packaging is all on point too!"

- Emily-Jo Sutcliffe (@emily_and_wolf)

Net mums

"It really is such a good product – I think we're all going to realise just how many chemicals we have in our stuff! I know I'm really conscious of it now as a mum-to-be."

- Claire McAteer, Shopping Editor at Netmums


"I absolutely adore @theirfutureofficial baby blanket. It’s so soft and my baby loves snuggling up with it too. A huge bonus is their eco friendly ethos and the amazing technology behind the blanket allowing it to be washed at a lower level whilst keeping it clean, soft and extra cosy."

- Emma Guare (@mothering_it)


"I am over the moon with our blanket for our little boy, it’s super soft and cosy for him and the fact it’s environmentally friendly is amazing!

I also absolutely love that when you are finished with the blanket it can be returned and made into a new blanket for another little one to love."

- Amelia (@amelia.home)